Why Workers’ Comp Covers Mental Health After Injury


Work accidents leave a lasting mark, not just physically but also emotionally. Anxiety, depression, and PTSD are all potential consequences, significantly impacting your ability to cope and recover. But you don’t have to face these challenges alone. Workers’ compensation in New York recognizes this and extends benefits to cover mental health conditions caused by work accidents.

  • The Emotional Toll of Work Injuries

    The constant physical pain from a work injury can be a constant reminder of the trauma, leading to anxiety and depression. The fear of returning to work or the inability to perform previous duties can further exacerbate these feelings. In some cases, witnessing a traumatic event at work can also trigger PTSD.

  • Workers’ Compensation and Mental Health Coverage

    The good news is that New York’s Workers’ Compensation program understands the connection between work injuries and mental health. You can be eligible for benefits to cover psychotherapy in New York and other mental health services if you can establish a clear link between your work accident and your mental health condition.

  • Building a Strong Case

    Documentation is key. Keep detailed records of medical appointments, diagnoses, and treatment plans from a qualified medical professional. Additionally, consider seeking legal counsel from an attorney experienced in Workers’ Compensation claims. They can help gather evidence and navigate the legal process to ensure you receive the mental health support you deserve.

  • Finding the Right Help

    Finding a therapist specializing in work-injury-related mental health is crucial. They will understand the unique challenges you face and be equipped to provide effective treatment. Here in New York, psychological therapy can offer valuable resources and support.

  • Asking for Help is Strength

    Don’t hesitate to seek help! If you’re experiencing emotional distress after a work injury with an active Workers’ Compensation claim, seeking professional help through psychological services in Brooklyn, New York can significantly improve your quality of life.

Contact us today at Rakipi Psychological Services to schedule a consultation and discuss how we can help you navigate the Workers’ Compensation process and find the right therapist for your needs. Remember, prioritizing your mental well-being is just as important as your physical recovery.

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